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Shimmer is a community of people like you. We celebrate intersectionality and what makes you unique. Based on your interests, you’re matched with a Shimmer Guide and people who share what you value—whether that be identity, personality, current struggles, goals, or interests.

our story

how it works

Apply to Shimmer and we personally match you with a Shimmer Guide and group of people just like you.

Join weekly video sessions led by your Shimmer Guide. Together, share experiences and learn new skills to improve your wellbeing.

Enjoy community events like wellness workshops, game nights, & movie screenings—or join spontaneous hangouts & co-working sessions.

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Numerous studies have shown that wellness groups help you live healthier and happier lives, while paying less for expensive healthcare services. Join thousands of others already benefitting from wellness groups!

Ashley (She/her)

College Student, California

“When I was really depressed, my friends didn't understand what I was going through. I got sick of trying to explain myself over and over again, and slowly we stopped hanging out as much. It was hard not having anyone around to talk to. I'm so glad I found my Shimmer group - because they understand what I'm going through, and I no longer feel as alone!”

Mike (he/him)

Recent High School Grad, Minnesota

"I have a lot of anxiety from academics, I really don't want to let my parents down. They've given a lot for the opportunities I have. My friends from school didn't really get why I stress out so much about grades and extracurricular. It's hard to share my fears with them. I couldn't believe how many people out there were just like me! It feels great to vent my frustrations and dream about my goals with my group."


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We know professional coaching ($250/session) and individual therapy ($150/session) can be expensive and confusing. We take care of the matching process for you and give you time to try things out for free!

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    (therapist-led workshops, game nights, movie nights)
  • weekly group sessions guided by your Guide
  • caring community available to voice & text chat
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the problem

we’re in crisis mode

Pre-pandemic, 1 in 5 people in the US lived with mental illness. Over the past year, this ratio has increased: the prevalence of depression and anxiety has tripled. For young adults from under-represented backgrounds this ratio is much higher, and 79% don’t access care. The drivers are 3-fold: Firstly, care is difficult to access: wait times average 25 days. Secondly, therapy is expensive at an average cost of $150/session. Lastly, 40-60% of patients discontinue treatment due to a lack of engagement and support.

How it all started

built with passion

Shimmer founders, Chris and Jon, met in 2019, and immediately bonded over eerily similar mental health journeys. At the time, Chris was advising social impact organizations and getting her hands dirty learning about community-driven permaculture in Colombia. Jon was a medical student researching AI for underserved populations, working at the local homeless shelter’s peer support group. Together, they created Shimmer, a public benefit corporation, with their shared belief: wellness starts with community.

say hi to the team

chris wang (she/her)

co-founder. ex-bain. ex-drop. mba/mph @ ucb.

“Sometimes I see an old photo and it brings me back to my old habits - wondering if I look good enough, wondering if I am good enough. I know how much strength it takes to pretend everything’s okay, to deflect accusations, to bottle everything up, to heal. It doesn’t have to be that way. At shimmer, we’re all on the same team - fighting our own battles, rooting for each other, feeling better bit by bit together!”

jon wang (he/him)

co-founder. ex-apple/bmgf/stanford. ucsf md student.

“Last year, my friend took his own life. Mental health accessibility continues to frustrate me both personally—through my friend group and as someone who sees a therapist for anxiety—and professionally—through the stories of patients I’ve worked with while leading SF homeless shelter’s support groups as a medical student. I can’t stop thinking about shimmer and finding new ways that celebrate each unique individuals mental heatlh journey.”

vikram sreedhar (he/him)

co-founder & cto. ex-salesforce/stanford. co-founder @ MAD Together, 501c3.

“I've been lucky enough to have some amazing communities in my life that have helped me tackle imposter syndrome from school and work. I know not everyone is as lucky, which is why I want to help create communities for others to support them through any struggle life may throw their way. Shimmer does this and more by providing a simple and engaging platform for people to find their own personal mental health support community.”

ebenezer chinedu-eneh (he/him)

clinical lead. ex-ymca. ucsf md student.

“I’ve struggled with self-image since I was a child. If it weren’t for a strong support system, I don’t think I would have found ways to overcome those insecurities. Many of my close friends also struggle with mental health, and there aren’t many solutions out there for them. Talking about mental health is seen as taboo, and I want to change that. I want shimmer to be a place where people can go to find community, healing, and solutions.”

christina dunbar (she/her)

product lead. ex-deloitte/cpa. mba @ ucb

“Wellness can feel unattainable among immense societal pressure to be perfect. the benefits of a tech connected world can come at a cost to our health and happiness. I am passionate about seeking balance between high achievement and wellness to help myself and others reach true personal and professional potential. This brought me to shimmer, a team on a mission to connect people to communities and tools to live a happy life.”

zaffer hussein (he/him)

engineering lead. ex-northrop grunman.

"I learned about the obstacles individuals living with a mental illness face through my personal struggle in overcoming a life-long anxiety disorder. I realized the importance of a good support system in helping me understand myself better in this journey. "

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we’re looking for people who care deeply about accessibility of mental health services. we’d love to see how you could fit into the team! drop us a line and let us know what you love to do—we’re excited to hear from you.


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