How it works

Shimmer Groups are a space designed to help you feel seen & heard so you can reduce your anxiety and stress. We've designed a tailored experience alongside expert therapists & educators that focuses on connection, support, & skills.

What we provide: 
‚ú® a hand-picked 6-8 person Shimmer Group of people who care
‚ú® 75-minute weekly video chats led by skilled Shimmer Guides
‚ú® Evidence-based anxiety and stress curriculum

Designed for your well-being & support

Shimmer Groups differ from traditional support groups or group therapy, which often are unstructured or focus too specifically on specific diagnoses or mental health issues.

We've designed Shimmer Groups around deep & vulnerable conversations focused on reducing stress and anxiety. Shimmer Groups can be done independent of or as a supplement to therapy.

Our goal is to be a¬†place where Shimmer members can feel safe, heard, and connected‚ÄĒsomething hard in today's digital world.

An experience crafted with care

We've worked closely with therapists, peers, and doctors to develop our unique curriculum and experience for our Shimmer Groups.

As you work on reducing your stress and anxiety, we grow along with you. We're constantly talking to members so we can make new tweaks and improvements to our product and Shimmer Group experience. You'll have a hand in helping us revolutionize revolutionize how people take care of their mental health.

A platform built exclusively for our members

A look inside a Shimmer Group

The first month
In your first month of Shimmer Groups, our goal is to create a safe, comfortable space to be vulnerable, feel emotions, and have honest conversations with your group.
Together, you'll learn and share:
✨ Personal stories & life journeys
‚ú® Your Shimmer Group identity and goals
‚ú® Any emotions and challenges you've experienced

After the first month, you'll start feeling more connected with your Shimmer Group. Often, this comes with feeling more understood, supported, and grounded. Now that you have your Shimmer support system, future sessions will focus on discovering new insights & growth, together with your group-mates.
Every month, your Shimmer Guide will personalize the experience based on your Shimmer Group preferences. These lesson plans are inspired by templates our Care Team of therapists, psychiatrists, and educators have developed. As your group grows together, the experience continues to iterate and be personalized to be the best fit for you and your Shimmer Group.

Below is a sample lesson plan. Note that this is just one of many templates. Even within a lesson plan, Guides access a large pool of customizable options to make the experience truly unique to the group.

Example of a lesson plan
Month theme: Finding identity
✨ Week 1 Sub-Theme: Who am I now?
✨ Week 2 Sub-Theme: Who was I?
✨ Week 3 Sub-Theme: How has my past identity affected who I am today?
✨ Week 4 Sub-Theme: Who do I want to become?

Lesson Objectives
‚ú® Understand different ways we perceive our present selves
‚ú® Understand different ways our present selves are perceived by others

Check-in [10 min]
Check-in Question: What aspects of your identity are you unsure or exploring now?
- Meditation or grounding exercise to settle into the session

Reflection exercise [10 min]
Members write & reflect on the below prompts:
- How would you describe yourself to others, in only three sentences?
- If you were to describe the person in the mirror to other people, what would you say?
- What words come to mind when you look at who you are today?
- Finish this sentence: I am proud to be me, because I am....

Facilitated sharing & discussion [30 min]
Members share their thoughts on the reflection exercise. The facilitator may introduce thematic questions halfway into the discussion if appropriate.
‚ÄćLongitudinal theme question #1: How can I continuously develop my identit(ies)?
‚ÄćLongitudinal theme question #2: What can I be doing now to grow into the person I've always wanted to be?
‚ÄćSub-theme question #1: Can you develop a way to capture and share what makes you who you are today?

Closing [10 min]
Members go around and share:
- One thing I learned today
- One thing I remain curious about?
- One thing I'll carry forward into my life?