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Guided weekly support groups to deal with the stress, pain, and fatigue of chronic illness & disability.
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✨ you can still live well with chronic illness, disability, and pain

Unliked acute illnesses like bronchitis or the flu, a chronic illness is incredibly challenging as it may never go away and can disrupt your life in a number of ways, including pain, fatigue, and mood disorders.

Connecting with other people is an important way to take care of ourselves and can help alleviate stress, sooth anxiety, and cultivate compassion. Meet others like you and find your supportive community!

📝 how it works

Our Shimmer Groups draw off of years of peer support and group therapy research. We believe in the power of connecting those with similar identities and experiences. Learn more about the evidence behind Shimmer Groups.

Shimmer Chronic Illness & Pain Support Groups are for those with chronic illness or health condition. Connect with 6-8 others going through daily challenges due to a chronic condition. Our expert facilitator meets with your group of  once a week for 60 minutes, and you'll have access to mood tracking, gratitude journaling, and community events on our custom digital platform. Together, you'll:

  • Share your experience with others who get you.
  • Learn new ways of dealing or coping with your condition.
  • Know that you aren't facing your hardships alone and feel supported.

📖 what you'll learn

Our curriculum is carefully developed by a licensed mental health therapist, Sharon Kim LMHC, and an expert group psychiatrist doctor from UCSF, Amin Azzam MD.

We use a mix of theory, discussion, exercises, and support to develop meaningful connections, honest conversations, and a community you can feel supported by.

see what members have to say
“It’s quickly become something I look forward to all week long. I find myself in Shimmer quite a bit. Watching chats, reading gratitude entries, and reflecting.” - Charlie (they/them)
“Last night I shared a story about a challenge I overcame. It was a breakthrough moment. I realized I HAD to get the stuff inside of me OUT. Then came the words of affirmation from my group mates. I feel so much better now - this is exactly what I need in my life." - Alex (he/him)
"In my group, everyone can relate to what I say, and I can relate to what they're saying. They’re wonderful kind people. I never feel any pressure & am comfortable with them. It's also super inspiring when they talk about their experiences!" - Kendall (she/her)
meet the loving Shimmer Care Team
Shimmer's Care Team provides the warm, creative, and steady foundation to host community events and facilitate Shimmer Groups.
Dr. Amin Azzam, MD MA

Clinical Advisor
Amin is a professor at UCSF and UC Berkeley. He is an expert researcher in both group psychotherapy and education for young professionals. In his spare time, he enjoys camping, board games, and international travel.
Samorn Selim, JD

Shimmer Guide
Samorn is an experienced lawyer, executive coach, and diversity, inclusion, and belonging facilitator.  She is an advocate for and passionate about creating safe spaces for people to prioritize their mental health and wellness
Sharon Kim, LMHC

Community Lead
Sharon is a licensed mental health therapist that enjoys working with the young adult population. She hopes to use her clinical background to create a safe space for individuals to share their experiences and build a strong support system within the Shimmer community.
Eutah Mizushima, NCPS

Shimmer Guide
Eutah is a certified peer support specialist from Los Angles. He hopes that he can use what he's learned from his personal struggles with depression and anxiety to help guide and support others in their own mental health journeys.
Ashley Lee

Shimmer Guide
Ashley is a peer and mental health advocate with experience helping underrepresented young adults navigate career, purpose, and wellness. She wants to help foster moments where people feel safe to embrace possibility and gain perspective amidst uncertainty.

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