Can I trial Shimmer before paying?


Sure! We offer a free 2 week trial. We'll ask for your billing information, but you won't be charged until after the first 2 weeks.

What does a Shimmer Group session look like?


Shimmer Groups meet every week for one hour via video chat. The focus is on creating a supportive, empathetic, & open space to talk about mental health. A typical session involves a check-in, open floor, guided exercise or discussion, & closing thoughts. However, our Shimmer Guides are trained to cater and personalize each session based on the unique preferences of the group. For example, some groups may have lessons and skills delivered by the Shimmer Guide, while others may enjoy more organic thematic discussions facilitated by the Shimmer Guide. Though it varies by group, we maintain around 6 members showing up to each meeting. Some groups may have a couple of members come in and go over time.

What does a typical week look like?


The Shimmer experience can be as much or little as you want it to be. We've had members spend 5+ hours per week on Shimmer, and other weeks where you're busy and only show up for your Shimmer Group meeting.

Here is what a week could look like:
-Meet up for your 1h weekly group session
-Hang out in the group lounge to support a group member after they ask for help in the text channels
-On and off engagement throughout the week in the text channels - sending memes and posting gratitude
-Attend a games or movie night with the entire community

Where do you run your groups?


We run our groups on our mobile app and web app. You'll get instructions in our Shimmer Member Onboarding, but here is a short video with a preview of what it is like!

What's the commitment?


We expect all members to sign up with a 3-month commitment in mind, attending at least 2x/month. If Shimmer isn't for you, you are able to cancel at anytime! However, we encourage all members to stay for the first month, since it takes time to get acquainted with your group and get a taste of the full experience.

How do you match Shimmer Groups?


Every member who applies for a Shimmer Group is goes through a consultation call with one of our co-Founders. During this call, we ask questions to get to know you better and understand what type of group would be the best fit for you. Afterwards, you are either placed into a new or existing group we think is a good match, or you'll be placed on the waitlist. The waitlist may take up to 2-3 months in some circumstances, please be patient with us <3.

What types of groups do you run?


Our groups are all very unique as their identity & purpose is personalized to the members in the group. We offer some identity-based groups (e.g. AAPI, LGBTQ) but most of our groups are focused on Anxiety/Depression. We don't always have an explicit label since we've found its important to have a balance of similarity and diversity in groups.

Who are your Shimmer Guides?


All of our Shimmer Guides are licensed or certified mental health professionals or have extensive experience in peer support & undergo our Shimmer Guide Training program developed by Amin Azzam (MD, MA) and Sharon Kim (LMHC).

Our Shimmer Guides provide the skills and energy to facilitate open, vulnerable conversations between members. They guide sessions based on the desires of the group and can provide more or less formal structure depending on what each group wants.

I'm having issues with Billing!


Please email us at support@shimmer.care and we'll work with you to process a new payment method, cancellations, or any other issues you might have.

Still have questions? Email us at hi@shimmer.care